Edward Packard

November 12, 2016

Election Day plus 4 –- how I see it.

American Democracy has been on the ropes since the Supreme Court's decision in Bush v. Gore. The recent election knocked it out of the ring. Rely not on notions of our great Constitution and protections of checks and balances, of common faith and commitment. We have entered a new era; our country is becoming a proto-fascist state. It is not apparent when you look out the window, but a new dark age has begun.

Trump has been subdued the past few days as he begins to comprehend the magnitude of his responsibilities and opportunities, b
ut he has surrounded himself with thugs, dolts, and sycophants. Once in office, once he gains his footing, it's almost certain he'll give reign to his authoritarian instincts. Congressional Republican leaders have shown no respect for democratic processes or for the Constitution itself –– witness, among other offenses, their stonewalling of Merrick Garland. They had ample reason and plenty of time to repudiate Trump before the election and failed to do so. It's not credible that they would do so while he's in office.

I see remaining only one restorative stream of future history the nation might yet travel. For our course to be redirected, the following is required: 1) great numbers of Trump's supporters discover that he conned them –– that his conduct in office worsened rather than bettered their lives, 2) the Democratic Party becomes reorganized and revitalized as a dynamic untarnished progressive coalition, and 3) Trump doesn't succeed in stiffing the electoral process. Then, and only then, a shift in voting patterns might occur of such dimensions that, despite Republican-tilting entrenched voter restrictions, gerrymandered distortions, and the curious nature of our federal system in allocating the same number senators to states regardless of huge differences in their populations, Democrats could regain control of Congress and the presidency and American Democracy be revived.

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