Edward Packard

November 7, 2013

The two great threats to human civilization are greed and stupidity. . . Stephen Hawking (paraphrase)

For our democratic form of government to work requires on the part of a clear majority of the populace a minimal understanding of how it's supposed to work, a commitment to having it work, and a reasonable measure of decency and good will. That this postulate of our society no longer obtains is the result of the cynical, self-serving abnegation of it by a critical mix of people on the Supreme Court, in Congress, in State governments, in the media, and among the super rich. 

It is shocking, when you think about it, that even though Trump's character has been exposed for what it is, that it should be obvious to any thinking person that he is spectacularly unfit to hold office, polls are in agreement that he would surely win if only men could vote or if only white people could vote. Were his narcissism not so extreme that it deprived him of guile, he would coast to victory. 
American Democracy is on the ropes. Unless Hillary wins and Democrats gain control of the senate and are thus able to confirm a ninth liberal justice for the Supreme Court, it's likely to slip through, right out of the ring.

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