Edward Packard

April 15, 2016

I watched two-thirds of the Clinton-Sanders debate last night. It wasn’t exactly uplifting. They would have done better by each praising the other, emphasizing the great gulf that separates both of them from the Republicans, then each explaining how what she or he would do as president would be superior with respect to each important issue.

Neither seems to have anticipated everything they should have. Sanders almost had Clinton on the ropes about her failure to release the texts of her Goldman Sachs speeches, but she was ready with a predictable diversion, calling him out his non-release of tax returns. Bernie said he would release his 2014 return within a day, and back returns soon. Why couldn’t he have released them all a long time ago? He said Jane takes care of it. Hillary, attacked on her stance on crime legislation in the 1990s, said Bill took care of it. If these two weren’t vastly superior choices to any of the Republicans, including any waiting in the wings, I wouldn’t vote for either of them.

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